The BEST Jerk Chicken recipe EVER – made from scratch

best jerk chicken ever


Just looking at this picture is making me salivate. Jesus. I want to go to the kitchen and make some RET NOW! (in my southside voice lol). But anyways, here is an amazing jerk chicken recipe that will change your life.  And this isn’t made with powder jerk seasoning either. Throw that stuff away. No basicality over here. We making it from scratch babyyy. That’s the only way, right!?

Well the inspiration for this dish came from one of my favorite chefs, Kelis. You may know her as the singer. One of the first black girls that screamed on a track. You know, the boss herself that brought all the boys to the yard?! Some years ago she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and became a certified chef. Crazy right?! Needless to say, her recipes are banging! I used the foundation of her recipe and added some extra ingredients I felt would complement the dish very well. I was scared at first, because I was literally just freestyling and throwing different things in I felt would mesh well. And in the end, everything came out quite all right.

So we all know jerk chicken is of course spicy, but also has a sweetness to it. In this recipe, instead of using your traditional brown sugar, I used molasses. I know you’re thinking, molasses?! But yes. It takes this dish to a new level. You probably may think it will be too sweet, but it won’t. Mixed with the veggies and herbs it helps mellow the intense sweetness. Trust me guys!

Also, the recipe calls for a bunch of thyme and green onion. You do not have to cut anything up or dice. Just put it straight in there whole. The stems from the thyme add additional flavor to the sauce, as well as the whole green onion. Also, while at the market, I couldn’t find any scotch bonnet pepper, so I had to settle for Habanero. The peppers you use are your choice. But I highly recommend scotch bonnet or Habanero. I added a seedless Serrano pepper for the extra flavor.

I think I covered everything. Now let’s get on to making the best jerk chicken ever!……..


Here are the ingredients I used: garlic, green onion, Habanero & Serrano pepper, ginger, shallot, sea salt, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce (low sodium), nutmeg, allspice, molasses, vegetable oil, and thyme. & you can’t forget the bird.

Season your chicken well with salt and pepper. Heat your skillet with vegetable oil (it doesn’t burn quickly) and cook the chicken skin side down to get it golden brown, then flip to the other side.

After your chicken is browned, put to the side to rest while we start our sauce.

Combine all of the ingredients in your blender or processor.


After it has blended. Transfer to a sauce pan and cook that baby off until the color changes.

While the sauce is cooking, throw the wings into your preheated oven and cook them for a while before we add our sauce. The combination of browning them first and then baking them gets the wings really tender. We love a fall off the bone chicken wing right?!

After the sauce and chicken are done – coat the chicken with the sauce and stick it back into the oven so the sauce can marinate in that chicken.


Now…. on to the sexiesssss…..

best jerk chicken ever best jerk chicken ever

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Kickin' Jerk Chicken
Great jerk chicken recipe inspired by Chef Kelis.
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Caribbean
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Caribbean
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees
  2. Heat your vegetable oil in a skillet on medium high heat. Season your chicken with salt and pepper
  3. Cook your chicken skin side down first until golden brown. Flip and cook on other side until brown. Then remove chicken out of the skillet and set to the side in a foil pan to rest.
  4. In your blender or processor combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste as you go. Add some more molasses and a little soy sauce if it is too hot. This is where you make the sauce your own. Add more of the ingredients until you get your desired taste.
  5. Once sauce is blended, pour it into a saucepan and heat it on medium low. Cook it for around 10-12 minutes. It will start to change colors. While the sauce is cooking, put the browned chicken into a preheated oven to cook for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Once the sauce turns dark, turn heat to a simmer.
  7. Take out chicken from oven and thoroughly coat chicken with jerk sauce. (You may have some left over. )
  8. Put chicken back in oven uncovered for 10-20 minutes. (depends on how tender you like your chicken). After it is finished , serve over rice or side of your choice.

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  1. Anthony S.
    January 30, 2019 / 6:09 pm

    The best jerk chicken I’ve ever tasted. Primo!

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