about ya girl

I’m Mila! A self-taught homecook or chef….whatever fancies you. By day, I am a project manager & human resources generalist here in ATL. When I am not behind a desk, I’m in front of a stove. Food & cooking has grown to be a passion of mine, it genuinely makes me happy.  The inspiration for starting this blog – were simply my peers. Over the past couple of years, I’ve displayed a lot of my cooking through Instagram Stories – you know, just messing around in the kitchen. It was well received by my followers – which was very shocking to me because I assumed everyone just clicked through my stories without even looking lol (you know you’ve been guilty of that ha!). Over time a lot of people started asking me for my recipes, so here we are. Finally created my own blog so I can document them for you…& hell me too! haha

how i cook

I’m not your typical “fine dining” cook. I like to think I go against the grain. I love flavor (I go HAM on the garlic) I love big portions, I love seasonings, I love butter, cheese, and creams. & bacon….you cannot forget the bacon. All in all, I just love food and I feel like it should be something you really truly enjoy. So I hope I can inspire & help you in any way through my cooking.

&& one mo thing!

I want to make a disclaimer, that ya girl is not perfect. I MESS up all the time while in the kitchen. Each day in the kitchen is a new learning experience for me,so please bear with me. ALSO, since starting to write recipes, I’ve found it to be VERY tedious. So I may leave something out or not be really clear about a step. So if you are confused or have questions about anything, PLEASE do not hesitate to hit me up on here or through IG dms.


but enough talking…. let’s cook!